2021 Program

GirlsxMRO's 2021 summer program ran over Zoom and Discord. Our program had two main parts, live Zoom sessions and reading groups, in which we introduced girls to a variety of advanced math topics, including Group Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics, and Topology.

These topics were not usually taught in the classroom or found in math contests, and yet they form the foundations of entire fields of research, which is why we thought that it is important to introduce these topics earlier. We were aware that these topics are incredibly extensive and quite advanced, and so our goal was not to teach these girls a large amount of theory. Instead, we hoped to give them a glimpse of the world of advanced math beyond what they have already been exposed to as well as a starting point to begin studying these topics on their own if they are interested.

The live Zoom sessions served as an introduction and broad overview of the topic for that week. Over the course of the week following the lecture, students had a guided opportunity to dive deeper into the topic by participating in the reading group. Reading groups were optional and the amount of people was limited. The reading groups were incorporated in GirlsxMRO's 2021 program because reading advanced mathematical literature is a core skill in advanced math courses as well as mathematical research.


For stats about the program and summaries of and photos from the various sessions:

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The 2021 program took place online from 6/27/21 to 7/25/21. See more details here:

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Live Sessions

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Reading Groups

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