Live Session Registration

Live Zoom Session Registration

  • You must register for each live session you wish to attend in order to receive the Zoom link. It is okay to officially register for a live session even if you are not sure that you will show up, as space is not limited. We suggest that you to sign up for all live sessions that you would potentially be interested in attending.

  • If you are interested in participating in a reading group, you are required to attend the live Zoom session for that week. Please be sure to sign up for any such live sessions using this form in addition to the reading group application.

  • The student and parent/guardian emails you provide in the registration form will both receive zoom links. Please make sure that these are valid emails.

  • You must fill out the form with your parent/guardian. We require both student and parent/guardian digital signatures on the application form.

  • The registration deadline for the 2021 Live Zoom Sessions is Sunday 06/20/21 at 8:59 PM PDT/ 11:59 PM EST.