"GirlsxMRO is exactly the kind of program we need in STEM enrichment today: a collaborative environment with well-chosen topics that get students hooked on the big ideas in abstract math. The near-peer mentorship model of motivated, experienced high schoolers providing classes and activities to middle schoolers is a powerful tool: the mentors were recently in the shoes of their students, and know exactly what it takes to make the leap to the next level. The program does rely on having mentors of exceptional mathematical caliber and leadership skills, but GirlsxMRO is lucky to have an amazing team of high schoolers at the helm."

Marisa Debowsky, Executive Director of Canada/USA Mathcamp

Student Testimonials

Participating in the GirlsxMRO summer program was just an amazing and unique experience. Personally, as a person who has only done math competitions all their life, this program helped me realize that there is much more to math than just competitions! I found math to be such a beautiful and abstract field, and this program made me more interested in math just when I felt like giving up. Seeing a group of girls who shared a similar passion encouraged me, and gave me the motivation to continue. In addition, speakers such as Marisa Debrowsky and Mira Bernstein and their journeys really inspired me. Something that made GirlsxMRO different from other free summer programs was the attention given. In my experience, many free summer programs just included a big group of people where questions were not properly addressed, but in this summer program, all my questions were addressed! Though I learned a lot, the connections I made are equally as valuable, and I would like to thank all of the mentors for creating such a great community. I would highly recommend this program!

Vaidehi Ramachandrula, 2022 participant

I had two incredible years with GirlsxMRO. There were enough changes between the course materials so that I could learn new math. Everyone in the program was happy to engage in discussion and were always smiling and kind!

Lily Campbell, 2022 participant

It was really the greatest summer CAMP experience I ever had. It was actually like all the FUN and LEARNING I had done in my whole teenage, was just here. I really loved the program and it was really great how the mentors facilitated our learning and made it FUN. I would definitely like to participate in the Program the next year as well if I am eligible. All the topics covered, though were mind-bending but as I mentioned it was the mentors' creativity that made it truly easy to learn.

Anonymous student, 2022 participant

GirlsxMRO provided a great experience to be exposed to higher mathematical concepts and took up both the theoretical and the practical aspect of it, which allowed us to see the topics come to life. All the topics were new and creatively different from one another. The mentors and the students both were extremely interactive which made the session even more interesting.

Anubhuti Mittal, 2022 participant

GirlsxMRO was amazing this summer! It was my first time here. I met so many friends but became really close with 5 of them. I found so much I had in common with the majority of people here. The mentors are so thoughtful and easy to talk to. Sophia is especially great if you need a good laugh :)

Cassidy Livingston, 2022 participant

"This is a great program run by amazing people. I felt as though I fit right in the community of students and it was overall a great learning environment. The instructors made sessions enjoyable! I learned a lot more about math that expanded my knowledge of the subject through interactive lectures. The instructors were also very relatable with the students in game night especially. I got to connect with students even over zoom and through the discord. This was a great program that I’m glad I signed up for, I highly recommend!"

Tara MacNeil, 2021 participant

"I loved the GirlsxMRO program! It was so fun to meet with other girls and all the mentors were friendly and willing to help with any questions we had. I also liked the casual setting of the program and it helped me learn much better. Rather than focusing on a competitive aspect, the program was a great introduction to higher level mathematics, which I absolutely loved!"

Sam Kovi, 2021 participant

"The math topics are very interesting, and without attending this program, I think it would be unlikely for me to have the opportunity to get exposed to these fascinating areas of math. The mentors were very supportive, and they introduced the concepts by guiding us through journeys of discovery that made them all the more exciting. It has been such fun!"

Anonymous Student, 2021 participant

"I really loved learning new topics in the GirlsxMRO program! I got to learn alongside other girls about topics that I didn't even know about before. The mentors were especially sweet, and they taught us in a way that helped us understand. They made us feel inclusive, and they also had office hours for us to chat about anything. We also had a game night that was really fun."

Anonymous Student, 2021 participant

"I've always loved math, so I was very intrigued by the cool math topics that the mentors discussed in the live sessions and reading groups. In particular, I really enjoyed the reading group because it was fun to discuss the readings in a small group setting. The mentors were all very inspiring, and the handouts/problem sets really got me thinking!"

Ananya Raghu, 2021 participant

"I had a blast and it was great meeting others who were as interested in math as I was. The mentors were super helpful and I got a lot of insight about concepts from the reading and reading group meetings. Also going to game night and hanging out with others was awesome. I would recommend it to anyone who loves math!"

Anonymous Student, 2021 participant

"I really enjoyed the math that was taught, as it is quite different from any other experience in competitions or school. The live-zoom sessions were especially helpful as they helped introduce the topics that were went over during the reading groups. In addition, the material provided was interesting and involved deep thinking to understand. Lastly, all the mentors were fun and made the overall experience pleasureable."

Anonymous Student, 2021 participant

"I really enjoyed this program. I think it was really interesting to learn more about topics in math that I never knew existed. It was also apparent how much time and effort you guys put into the lessons which I appreciated. I would definitely do this again next year!"

Trudy Wang, 2021 participant

Parent Testimonials

"My daughter has been interested in doing math research, but did not know where to start. GirlsxMRO was a great introduction for her to learn what it is and how it is done. The program was very well organized in terms of technology, dates and times, and the instructions were deep and engaging. The first hand experiences from the girls mentors in doing math research were so inspiring that my daughter is now convinced that this is a line of work that she would like to pursue. Thank you all in the GirlsxMRO team for this opportunity. Hope to see you again next summer!"

Anonymous Parent, 2021

My daughter has participated in this program for two summers and it has been an incredible experience both times. She's learned a lot of math, met like-minded kids from around the world, and had a lot of fun! Thank you very much for offering this program; it's introduced us to a world of options. The mentors and guest speakers have been terrific. Thank you!

Anonymous parent, 2022

"The GirlsxMRO program has been an incredible experience for my daughter. She loves math and was very excited to meet like-minded girls and learn about new topics. She really enjoyed the small reading groups as well as the game nights, and she is already looking into applying to Mathcamp for next summer. I can't thank you enough for offering this program!"

Anonymous Parent, 2021

"GirlsxMRO was a great experience for my daughter. She enjoyed how the instructors presented mathematical concepts in an accessible way. She looked forward to the group discussions which were lively and fun."

Lisa Pattison, 2021